Watching your best friend become a mother is one of the best things. Ella and I met the first week of college in New York City — just two little 18-year-old babies figuring out life in the city together. Our first "date" was a Tennis concert and we say that was the night we fell in love with eachother. Me, Ella, and our three best friends moved into a tiny apartment on the Upper West Side and lived there for three years until we graduated. It was truly the most cramped, chaotic, and lovely roommie situation you could imagine.

It's been ten years since we all became friends and despite living in different places, we've been side by side in celebrations, grief, and growing. Ella was the first of us to become a mom and she's done it so gracefully. Not only is she a total stunner on the outside, she also bares magnetic laughter and whimsy, wisdom beyond her years, and a deep empathy for others — traits that have carried on seemlessly into her role as a mom.

When she visited Colorado last, she was seven months pregnant with her second son, Simon, and we got to take these sweet, intimate maternity photos in my home. We were inspired by grainy birth and motherhood film photography and I just love how these turned out.

So thankful for this job and the ability to capture seasons like this for people, especially those I love dearly!

Thanks for being here! xx


P.S. Are you looking for someone to capture the season of maternity and motherhood for you? I'm your gal! Let's chat!

Whether you're getting married, having a baby, or just looking to capture this moment in time in a way that feels authentic to you, I'd love to connect!

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